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3 Special Gift Ideas For All Occasions

Stuck on what to give someone special as a gift? At Gentle Touch Naturals, we have a selection of great ideas that are unique, personal, and are sure to please that someone on your list. The three ideas we have selected are universally great for all holidays and special occasions. Additionally, because our products are natural and contain safer ingredients, you can feel even better that you are giving something that promotes healthiness and sustainability.

GTN Gift Sets

Give a gift that will be full of surprises for your recipients. Our GTN Gift Sets each have a special theme to them and are packed out with our GTN Nail Polish Remover, as well as our other products. Cleverly put together, each set represents an over-abundant selection of merchandise that represent a huge value, particularly if the items were each purchased separately.

GTN Nail Polish Remover

Sometimes going simple but thoughtful will make a great impact for someone. Do you have someone who cares about the chemicals in the products they buy? Someone you know need help with their nailcare? How about someone who is frustrated with not being able to take off gel nail polish? Our GTN Nail Polish Remover does all of the above plus more. Read more about our products and what sets them apart from the competition.

GTN Gift Card

Not really sure what products your special someone would like? One can never go wrong with a thoughtful GTN Gift Card, where the recipients are free to leisurely browse and purchase what they want. Available in multiple amounts, and with the ability to send a personalized message, our gift cards are an easy way to show you care. Contact us today for simple steps to purchase a gift card in the denomination of your choice.

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