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Avoid Nail Polish Removers That Contain Acetone!

Many nail polish removers contain acetone. Acetone is an exoteric name of propanone while taking CH3(CO)CH3 chemical formula. It is a multi-purpose solvent widely used in pharmaceuticals, beauty industries, plastic industries, electronic industries also in Laboratory and domestic sectors. Acetone can cause adverse effects including:

  • May irritate the skin after applying.

  • Adversely affect nails health.

  • Volatile and flammable diluent.

  • Exert overall health risk.

Gentle Touch Naturals Nail Polish Remover is natural and contains NO ACETONE! The best thing about it is that it works just as well as removers that contain acetone. Check out our variety of Nail Polish Removers today and avoid all of the ill-effects that acetone may cause!

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