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Make 2022 A Natural New Year!

Start your new year the right way with Gentle Touch Natural's products that are sure to please!


We are excited to kick off the new year with our newest campaign, "A Natural New Year". During the month of January, we are going to highlight our Nail Polish Remover's benefits and advantages to ensure our customers know they are getting a superior product that is healthier for them.

What are some of the benefits of GTN Nail Polish Remover? A long list of items including natural ingredients, not containing any acetone like other removers, vitamins to improve nail health, and a long list of other advantages. On top of the advantages, or Nail Polish Remover comes in three wonderful scents that are sure to please. Browse through our "about" section to learn more about our Nail Polish Remover.

Any by the way, our Nail Polish Remover is just the start of natural, beneficial beauty-care products to come in the future!

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