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Our New One Step Gel Pens Are A Breeze!

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Our Gentle Touch Naturals One Step Gel Nail Polish Pens are very versatile, convenient for on-the-go, and have vibrant colors that are long lasting!

Compared to traditional gel polishes, no primer/topcoat is used, saving both money and time, and the charming color stays the same and is full of pure color. You can't go wrong with this item, especially if you a person that is always on-the-go!

One-Step Gel Pen Applications

Our One Step Gel Pens can be used in a wide range of applications just as professionals use in nail salons or as a personal nail artist. The pens are suitable for fingernails, toenails, natural or false nails, acrylic nails, and more. Not only are the pens simple to use, but they are extremely effective, and the colors are long lasting! The vibrant colors we have to offer are easy to match your daily wear and make you more attractive. All you need to do to get started is just a quick twist of the pen, and your polish is ready to apply!


The best part of our pens is that they are much more convenient than traditional bottled polishes. You can keep this pen handy on the dresser, in your handbag, or even in the vehicle so it's always ready for you on-the-go! Because everything is self-contained, there are no worries about spilling the bottle or dropping a separate brush.


Be sure to check out our Gentle Touch Naturals One Step Gel Nail Polish Pens and all the colors available today. We are sure you will agree that our pens are a breeze! Or enjoy our additional wide range of items that we offer. From natural items to unique gift sets, we have a variety of products to fulfill all your shopping needs.

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